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Thank you to those of you who managed to attend our first Hip Academy meeting. It was lovely to meet you all. Sorry we missed those of you who weren’t able to attend. The purpose of the first meeting was:

  • to say welcome,
  • to walk through the dashboard to ensure everyone is making the most of their HA membership,
  • to provide an opportunity for people to introduce themselves and get to know each other.

I have provided recordings of both sessions, which are essentially the same information with regard to the walk through, but different people attending each meeting, who introduce themselves at the end of the video. A big welcome to all Hip Academy members!

For the November meeting, members were invited to share a case. This was a great opportunity for our members to get some ideas from our brains trust, share their knowledge and lessons learnt from their cases, and to further develop their presentation skills in a friendly online community environment.

A huge thanks to all those who presented! Fantastic job across the board. The cases were all varied and stimulated some good discussion and reflection on our clinical practice.

Our Line Up for Session #1:

  1. Victoria Smith, UK – 50 YO female with EDS, groin & buttock pain/irritable neuralgia. Symptoms developed following a single leg deadlift.
  2. Claire Hewitt, NZ  – 26 YO female with right anterior hip pain and excessive femoral anteversion. Past Saltar osteotomy for left acetabular dysplasia.
  3. Renee Meffan, AU – 20 YO male dancer with bilateral ischial apophysitis.
  4. Erin Ellery, NZ – 42 YO Female with severe ischiofemoral impingement & associated semimembranosis tear.
  5. Jay Cunningham, AU –  24 YO female, elite Australian rower with bilateral sciatic neuralgia (‘piriformis syndrome’) and anterolateral & lateral hip pain.

Our Line Up for Session #2:

  1. Mariette Oelofse, South Africa – 17 YO male bowler with sharp posterior hip pain and stiffness. Bony and distal contributors to overload.
  2. Katie Monnington, UK – 39 YO female with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, left buttock, lateral hip and thigh pain, SIJ and low back pain. Previous spinal fusion & dynamic hip screw.
  3. Sarah Plumer-Holzman, USA –  20 YO hypermobile female ballet dancer, delayed recovery, now 5 months post arthroscopic labral repair.

This was a great experience and I hope to do another case sharing session next year, so keep and eye our for potential cases if you are keen to present in the future.