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Thank you to all who attended the October meetings. In this meeting, 5 wonderful members shared some very interesting case studies for discussion. Thank you so much to these presenters for their contribution.

  • Session 1
    • Trina Lat, Physiotherapist, Genova, Italy
      • Case: 51 year old female with SIJ, adductor & lower abdominal pain on orgasm – Links with the pelvic floor
    • Sue Walsh, ATC, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, DePaul Blue Demons, Chicago, USA
      • Case: 21 year old basketball player with acute onset thigh pain
  • Session 2:
    • Sarah Plumer-Holzman, Physical Therapist, New York City, USA
      • Case: 72 year old man with severe hip OA due to infection and ineligible for THR
    • David ¬†Gonzalez, Fisioterapeuta, Portugalete, Spain
      • Case: 40 year old male with left hip dislocation, gluteal tendinopathy, and OA of the right hip
    • Kirsty McNab, Physiotherapist, Brisbane, Australia
      • Case: An unusual cause of lateral hip pain – one that you may not have come across before.

I hope you enjoy these sessions and the discussions after. If you missed the meetings and would like to ask or discuss anything, you can always add a comment to the forum in your member dashboard.

You will find 2 meetings below with different presenters and cases in each meeting, so I encourage you to listen to both. Apologies for the audio in the first Case in Session 1 recording.