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In July we welcomed new faces and it was lovely to see so many now familiar faces from all over the world. This month we explored gluteal overactivity and how we can help those ‘hip grippers.’  Below are recordings of the live sessions for review and for those who were unable to attend the live sessions. The 2 videos contain essentially the same lecture content with some varying discussion and questions at the end of each session.

In this meeting we covered:

  • key reasons for gluteal overactivity,
  • prevention of gluteal overactivity, and
  • management of gluteal overactivity by
    • addressing drivers,
    • addressing low load static postures, and
    • addressing dynamic function.

From this lecture I developed a resource on management strategies for you: Management Strategies for Gluteal Overactivity. You also have available a pdf resource on gluteal underactivity and overactivity in your Hip Academy Resources library.