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In September’s meeting we delved deep in differential diagnosis of buttock pain. This lecture will be most useful once you’ve completed the Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain course, so you have a good background in the conditions and their petrogeological mechanisms. Below are recordings of the live sessions for review and for those who were unable to attend the live sessions. The 2 videos contain essentially the same content.

In this meeting we covered key differentials and ways we might recognize local or lumbar related sources:

  • upper buttock pain,
  • mid buttock pain, and
  • lower buttock pain.

You already have available a pdf resource on Getting to the Bottom of Buttock Pain which discusses key patient interview features of common sources, as well as a number of other pdfs discussing on diagnosis of local structures or pathologies that may give rise to buttock pain. Don’t forget to explore your resources in the Hip Academy Resources tab of your member dashboard. I will also aim to develop another resource that encompasses additional information from this presentation, which should be coming out prior to our next meeting.