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It was great to see Hip Academy members back and keen to learn more about hips, in our first meeting for 2022. This meeting walked through Hip MRI with the objective of improving our member’s ability to identify anatomical structures on MRI. We explored T1 image sequences in the axial, coronal and sagittal planes.

Being able to recognise structures on MRI can be very useful, particularly with respect to assessment of muscle health. Radiology reports rarely comment on muscle size or health (fatty atrophy), unless related to denervation. Assessment of fatty atrophy of muscles around the hip can add to your clinical assessment, informing your exercise prescription and for some people, their prognosis relating to restoration of full muscle capacity.

Most of us don’t have easy access to an anatomy lab after completing university, so exploring anatomy on MRI can be a useful refresher that helps us better understand muscle function and the relationships with adjacent joints, capsuloligamentous structures and transiting nerves. I hope you enjoy this anatomical refresher!

You will find 2 versions of the same meeting below – you can watch one or both but they are essentially the same. Sometimes there might be slightly varying comments in my unscripted commentary.