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Thank you to all who attended the April meetings. In this meeting

  • Factors that influence outcomes
  • Considerations for early & advanced rehab
  • Optimising outcomes for your patients post hip arthroscopy

We discussed the importance of early effusion control and prevention of adhesions and progressive loading that respects tissue healing timeframes, co-existing and persistent pathology, morphology and individual patient needs.

In my opinion, the most important components of post operative rehab after hip arthroscopy, or perhaps the phases that may be most likely to ultimately impact outcomes, are usually those first few weeks and then the advanced rehab phrase. In the first few weeks we are aiming to achieve a settled joint with no problematic adhesions, while building everyday patient capacity and confidence. In this phase we also have a unique window, where heavy loading in prohibited, to work on kinematic and muscle recruitment impairments – calming down those excessive co-contraction (gripping) strategies, and improving efficiency of muscle recruitment. Then optimising load sharing by addressing significant aberrations in movement patterning that may contribute to joint overload.

The other key phase is at the advanced stage of rehab, often where patients drop off their rehab because they have minimal pain and functional difficulties in their normal activities of daily living. However, they often have not developed adequate capacity for higher level physical tasks, including return to sport. Measuring physical outcomes and comparing deficits between sides can help highlight those higher level deficits that may not be evident in everyday tasks or manual muscle testing.

There was quite a bit of discussion after both of these meetings, so the recordings are a little longer than normal this month. I hope you enjoy these sessions. If you missed the meetings and would like to ask or discuss anything, you can always add a comment to the forum.

You will find 2 versions of the same meeting below – you can watch one or both but they are essentially the same. Sometimes there might be slightly varying comments in my unscripted commentary, and there are different members attending and discussion at the end of each video.