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Thank you to all who attended the June meetings. In this meeting we covered,

  • Late stage OA & Prehab
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Impact of Surgical Approach

A recent systematic review of the evidence for pre-op and post-op exercise interventions for hip replacement conclude that exercise interventions were not associated with improved self reported physical function and that supervised preoperative and postoperative exercise interventions are probably not necessary for patients with total hip replacement.  Yes, I agree! (If you were thinking that the conclusion is over-reaching) There are many issues with such conclusions, but they are limited by the research available which is so heterogenous and none with a low risk of bias.

There is also little evidence to provide guidance as to which exercises might be most useful, apart from some evidence that suggests that weightbearing exercise will be more helpful than non-weightbearing exercise, particularly after the initial acute recovery period. Unfortunately there has been little change in early post-op programs for many decades. Surgery has advanced and surgical approaches have changed, so it’s important that our post-op rehab moves forward.

I hope you enjoy these sessions and the discussions after. If you missed the meetings and would like to ask or discuss anything, you can always add a comment to the forum.

You will find 2 versions of the same meeting below – you can watch one or both but they are essentially the same. Sometimes there might be slightly varying comments in my unscripted commentary, and there are different members attending and discussion at the end of each video.