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Team Mentoring

Hip Advantage

Accelerate your professional development with Dr Alison Grimaldi’s new Team Mentoring Program, Hip Advantage.

The right balance between self-paced learning and structured in-classroom learning, HipAdvantage allows you and your team to interact with course content at your own convenience, while ensuring that you have access to an experienced mentor to direct your progress and keep you on track.

The Advantages of the Team Mentoring Program

Your learning is guided and paced, ensuring your team completes the program in a timely manner

Learning together with your clinical team means team members can discuss what they have learnt that week, reinforcing retention of information

You will have personalised access to an expert guide, Dr Alison Grimaldi, who can answer all your questions in a live online team environment

Outsourcing some of your team development program is an efficient way to fulfil your team’s needs while reducing burden on the business owner/team leader

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is primarily aimed at physiotherapists/physical therapists but is also suitable for other health professionals involved in the management of hip and pelvic pain. The Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis course is also suitable for exercise professionals such as Exercise Physiologists or Pilates Instructors and mixing professions within a team is also fine. Each team can indicate their profession when creating their account, so Alison can ensure your mentoring sessions are appropriately targeted.

How it works

Once signed up, each team member will receive an email series that will guide you and your team through the learning modules for that course. The default pace is a commitment of around 1 hour per week of learning time, but this can be customised on request. Send Alison your questions and these will be answered within your live mentoring session/s.

Depending on the Program Options you select, you will also have access to up to 3 live Online Mentoring Sessions with Alison, where she will work through your questions as a priority. These will be delivered via the Zoom platform which allows for video and screen sharing. These sessions also allow the opportunity to discuss a difficult case that you have encountered, or Alison can present representative case studies and/or demonstrate relevant techniques. These sessions are customisable depending on the needs of the team but discussions will be related to the course topics.

Upon completion of the Team Mentoring Program, each team member will receive their own certificate of completion.

Hip Advantage Process

There are 3 courses currently available within the HipAdvantage Team Mentoring Program

Select a course

There are 3 courses currently available within the HipAdvantage Team Mentoring Program.

Please select your course below

Choose mentoring sessions

You can choose to have 1, 2 or 3 Zoom mentoring sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

Choose team members

That will be involved and purchase the program for your whole team. Note that a minimum of 2 people is required for The HipAdvantage Team Mentoring Program.

Team & Mentoring Setup

We'll be in touch to organise the set up for your team.

We'll also organise a time that works for our live mentoring - Alison is based in Australia.

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