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Self-Help Patient Services

Dr Alison Grimaldi’s patient courses are targeted towards self-help pain relief and relaxation, including both a mildly technical course about pain and its relationship to our lifestyles, thought patterns, nervous systems, etc, as well as an extensive and diverse series of meditation and relaxation exercises.

Deep Relaxation

Pain Management

  • self-help knowledge
  • advice and techniques
  • lifestyle solutions
  • visualisation, meditation, and relaxation



Deep Relaxation Series

Our deep relaxation series has been developed to provide a variety of practical relaxation tools for day to day use.

In today's world, our everyday life can be filled with pressure & stresses that affect our ability to cope and enjoy life. Common symptoms you may experience include feelings of anxiety, stress, panic and depression, fear, problems sleeping, pain or muscle tension, racing or unhelpful thoughts, poor concentration and memory, low energy levels and low self confidence and esteem.

The daily practice of deep relaxation (the exact opposite of the way your body reacts under stress) will reduce or eliminate these symptoms and allow you to lead an improved quality of life.

This series will teach you about the various deep relaxation techniques, their benefits and provide practical examples for you to perform. By making deep relaxation a part of your daily routine you will gain the full benefits of this type of relaxation and an improved quality of life.

Module 1 Deep Relaxation Exercises
A series of relaxation exercises by Tracey Frizzel.
Unit 1 Abdominal Breathing Exercise
Unit 2 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Unit 3 Beach Visualisation
Unit 4 Body Scan Meditation
Unit 5 Pebbles Visualisation
Unit 6 Hand Mindfulness
Unit 7 Relaxing in the Sun Meditation
Unit 8 Forest Visualisation
Unit 9 Passive Muscle Relaxation
Unit 10 Raisin Mindfulness
Unit 11 Summary


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Pain Management Series

Our pain management series brings to you a new message, and new hope - Do you have a permanent injury, or pain for which no-one seems to have the answer? You do not have to resign yourself to a lifetime of unremitting pain.

This course aims to:

  1. Improve your understanding of pain
    Why? Researchers have demonstrated that pain education alone, without drugs or hands-on therapy, significantly reduces pain and improves your ability to perform everyday movements and return to your normal activities.

  2. Provide you with practical skills to:
    • manage your pain more effectively

    control stress more effectively
    return to an improved quality of life

This course will provide you with the most up-to-date information and rehabilitation strategies for those with persistent pain. Researchers have made significant advances in the understanding of brain function, and changes that occur with ongoing pain. This is revolutionising pain interventions and outcomes.

We now understand that all pain is driven by the brain, and not by the tissues. Pain is a normal protective response and is designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, if a problem persists the nervous system may become a little too overprotective. This means that pain will no longer be correlated with tissue damage, but with how dangerous your nervous system perceives the situation to be. This may all happen at a subconscious level with very real changes occuring in the nervous system.

This course will teach you about these changes, help you make sense of your symptoms, and provide strategies for calming the sensitive nervous system. This will assist you to reduce your pain and live a more fulfilling life.

Module 1 Introduction and Quiz
Introduces the pain management course, and presents a starting quiz.
Unit 1 Important facts about pain
Module 2 Pain and our Nervous System
Describes the relationships between pain and our nervous, endocrine, immune, and motor systems.
Unit 1 When Pain Persists...
Unit 2 Changes in the other associated protection systems
Module 3 Pain and our thoughts
This module looks at pain and how it relates to us as emotional and physical beings, the effect it has on our everyday lives, and finishes with pain management strategies and exercises.
Unit 1 How pain effects us emotionally & physically
Unit 2 How pain effects our everyday life
Unit 3 The detrimental effect of negative thoughts
Unit 4 10 strategies to manage & reduce your pain.
Module 4 Summary and Quiz
This module concludes the Pain Management Course, and presents the same quiz as at the beginning for self-assessing your take-home knowledge.
Unit 1 Summaries and conclusions


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