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Hip Academy - Live Meeting Inclusion

Enjoy additional lecture content in our live meetings and interact with our international community of Hip Academy members

45 - 60 minute meetings that include live lecture content on focus topics, followed by a member discussion - ask questions, contribute ideas, learn from the Hip Academy brains trust.

All meetings are offered at 2 different times to allow access across different time zones. Meetings are also recorded, allowing members to access these at any time. Add requests to the wish list in our forum.

Hip Academy Meeting_July 2021_Managing Gluteal Overactivity
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Hip Academy - Member Meetings

Meeting Timeline

Hip Academy launched in December of 2020

Meetings for 2021:

  • Thursday, March 11th - Welcome & Dashboard Tour
  • Thursday, April 29th - Deciphering Hip X Rays
  • May & June - members enjoyed a 40% discount to attend live online workshops
  • Thursday, July 22nd - Preventing & Managing Gluteal Overactivity - Helping 'Hip Grippers'
  • Thursday, 9th September - Lumbar vs Local - Tips for Differential Diagnosis of Buttock Pain
  • Thursday 4th November - Topic to be confirmed

Includes: 45-60 minute live meetings via zoom + access to recordings anytime

Valued at $30/meeting. Only available for Hip Academy Members.