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About Dr. Alison Grimaldi

  • Principal Physiotherapist at Physiotec
  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland
  • 30 years of professional clinical experience
  • Specialised interest in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction

Dr Alison Grimaldi was recently interviewed on the PhysioPlus10 podcast, where her professional journey is explored. Within this podcast you will have the opportunity to learn about what prompted Alison to pursue a career in Physiotherapy, why the hip became a special focus for her, as well as some tips for young physiotherapists and the future direction of the Physiotherapy profession. Absorb Dr Grimaldi's experiences, knowledge and insights.

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Alison's Bio

With over 30 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction, Dr Alison Grimaldi is Principal Physiotherapist at Physiotec and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. Alison also has a special interest in the assessment and optimisation of lumbo-pelvic and lower limb biomechanics for running, change of direction and all weightbearing sports, aiming to maximize an athlete’s performance outcomes and minimize risks of injury or re-injury.

Alison Grimaldi completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 1990, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy in 1997, and her Doctorate in Philosophy in the Field of Physiotherapy (PhD) in 2008. Her PhD studies were concerned with improving our understanding of hip muscle function and the relationship with hip joint pathology and weightbearing stimulus. These studies involved research collaboration with the European Space Agency. Alison continues to be passionate about extending our understanding of why we develop problems around the hip and pelvis, and what we can do to most effectively prevent and manage these problems. She has been a key investigator on the LEAP gluteal tendinopathy randomised clinical trial conducted through the University of Queensland and University of Melbourne, and is involved in ongoing research in this and other fields. Due to her voluntary contributions to research at the University of Queensland, Alison Grimaldi has been awarded the title Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Alison has co-supervised a number of PhD students, and has pioneered the use of Real Time Ultrasound technology for the assessment and retraining of muscle function around the hip & pelvis.

It is one of Alison’s core beliefs that research should be relevant to clinical practice and helping the patients we treat every day, and that physiotherapists in the community should have access to this valuable information to allow them to transfer this knowledge into clinical practice as quickly as possible. To this end, Alison continues to publish, present and provide practical workshops for other health professionals. Alison has published a number of papers in scientific journals, has contributed detailed information freely accessible via podcasts by PhysioEdge (itunes) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (SoundCloud), and has recently contributed to 3 leading physiotherapy and sports medicine text books.


Alison Grimaldi is a visiting lecturer at Masters level at Queensland University, and also runs weekend seminars and courses around Australia & overseas with a focus on muscle function, therapeutic exercise, and the use of real time ultrasound in clinical practice. She has presented at many state, national & international conferences as an Invited or Keynote Speaker, and has run international seminars in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and the United States of America.

Dr Grimaldi has contributed to three leading clinical texts, conducted over 100 clinical workshops and presented over 50 keynote, invited or podium conference presentations. Alison launched her global Hip Academy community in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Her aim was to bring together hip lovers and hip-learners from all around the world and continue furthering the hip knowledge of other health professionals, even when travel was not possible. Hip Academy has grown and blossomed since that time, and is one of Alison's favourite ways to Talk Hips.

Dr Alison Grimaldi established Physiotec in 2005 and continues a clinical load, working with patients with complex hip and lumbopelvic conditions, and across a broad spectrum of sports, including elite level triathlon, running, dance, cricket, athletics & swimming. She also spends a considerable amount of time mentoring her excellent staff, ensuring they are up-to-date and able to provide a high level of clinical expertise for management of musculoskeletal problems.

Explore the Learning Options Alison Offers

Do you have difficulty finding the time to keep up-to-date, committing to a whole weekend of live training, or knowing where to find high-quality evidence-based professional development? Hip Academy can help!

Join Alison in her well-received workshop series for hands-on learning, where you will observe live demonstrations, undertake practical work and develop skills specific to the rehabilitation of the hip, groin and pelvis.

Dr Alison Grimaldi’s Library of how-to (& why) videos. Easy-reference library of assessment techniques and exercises, for clinicians on the run. Available as an annual membership or as an inclusion within Hip Academy.

Learn at your own pace, with detailed videos and pdf handouts, you will develop your assessment and diagnostic expertise, fast-track your rehab program, improving treatment results & patient outcomes.

Alison’s series of 4 e-books aims to provide readers with a deeper understanding of hip and pelvic tendinopathies, and guidance towards more effective clinical management based on an emerging evidence base.

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