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Professional life can be hectic, and yet it is so important to stay updated and continue to upskill. Online learning provides an excellent opportunity to learn from experts around the world, in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. The online learning series are available as stand-alone learning opportunities and also accompany Alison’s practical workshops.

Learn about the different facets of hip muscle function (more than just strength) and dysfunction (more than just weakness) and the implications this has for muscle & movement assessment and therapeutic exercise prescription around the hip & pelvis.

A detailed examination of mechanisms of physical overload (morphology, movement, muscle) and impairments associated with anterior hip and groin pain, clinical diagnostic tests and management approaches. Includes joint related-pain & bony impingement (intra & extra-articular), soft tissue-related pain and nerve-related pain.

Lateral hip and particularly buttock pain can often present diagnostic dilemmas and management challenges. This course examines the various joint-related, soft tissue-related and nerve-related conditions associated with lateral hip and buttock pain, their mechanisms, clinical diagnostic tests and management approaches.

Learn about mechanobiological mechanisms, risk factors, impairments, diagnostic tests and management approaches for key tendon related conditions around the hip & pelvis - gluteal tendinopathy, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, iliopsoas-related and adductor- related hip and groin pain.

The foot and ankle are involved in shock absorption, propulsion, balance mechanisms, and provide essential information to the brain for motor planning of the whole kinetic chain. This course explores the intricate stability mechanisms of the foot and ankle including the important role of foot intrinsics.

This course has been designed to improve understanding of the uses of real time ultrasound in the field of musculoskeletal (MSK) rehabilitation, and introduce the key principles of knobology, probe selection and handling, that are essential to image optimisation.

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