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Anterior Hip & Groing Pain Workshops

Anterior Hip and Groin Pain Workshops

for physiotherapists and other health professionals involved in anterior hip and groin pain rehabilitation

Come along to one of Dr. Alison Grimaldi's Anterior Hip and Groin Pain WORKSHOPS, focusing on the practical applications of assessment and management of joint, tendon and nerve related anterior hip and groin pain.

↓ Workshop Options ↓

Live Online Workshop + Recordings:

This online workshop includes:
  • 5 hours of PowerPoint lessons with printable notes
  • 6 x weekly emails to guide your progress, leading up to the live event
  • Culminating in 2 x 3.5 - 4 hour live zoom sessions
  • 6 weeks access to recordings of the live workshop event

Practical Workshops:

This practical workshop includes:
  • 5 hours of Online learning videos with printable notes
  • Move through the 20-30 minutes online learning lessons at your own pace
  • 3 months of unlimited access to online learning content
  • Join Dr. Alison Grimaldi in a 1 day (8-hour) practical workshop

Upcoming Workshops:

Explore learning options that best suit you.

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