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Talking Hips with Dr. Ali

A weekly video series of info-bytes and top hip tips, covering a wide scope of topics relating to the Hip. Aimed at directing you towards finding further information on these topics within my free blog series.

Check out some of the recent episodes:


With new blogs released regularly, useful infographics and evidence-informed resources help give you the leading edge in your practice.

Check out some of Alison's recent blogs:


Browse through Alison’s peer reviewed and invited publications. For some there are full text papers available, short summaries or video slide presentations of the main findings.

Check out some of Alison's recent publications:


Audio recordings of Alison’s guest appearances from top sports and exercise medicine podcasts, where she discusses practical tips for clinicians for assessment and treatment of hip and pelvic conditions.

Also included, Alison’s audio interviews with Dr Patrick Weinrauch, from Alison’s blogposts on Total Hip Replacement surgery.

Check out some of Alison's recent Podcasts:

Explore the Learning Options Available at

Do you have difficulty finding the time to keep up-to-date, committing to a whole weekend of live training, or knowing where to find high-quality evidence-based professional development? Hip Academy can help!

Join Alison in her well-received workshop series for hands-on learning, where you will observe live demonstrations, undertake practical work and develop skills specific to the rehabilitation of the hip, groin and pelvis.

Dr Alison Grimaldi’s Library of how-to (& why) videos. Easy-reference library of assessment techniques and exercises, for clinicians on the run. The video library is available only within Hip Academy.

Learn at your own pace, with detailed videos and pdf handouts, you will develop your assessment and diagnostic expertise, fast-track your rehab program, improving treatment results & patient outcomes.

Alison’s series of 4 e-books aims to provide readers with a deeper understanding of hip and pelvic tendinopathies, and guidance towards more effective clinical management based on an emerging evidence base.

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