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Mastering Movement of the Hip & Pelvis Practical Workshops for physiotherapists and other health and exercise professionals involved in  assessment and training of muscles and movement of the hip and pelvis 

Do you have a clear understanding of when, why and how to assess and address muscle dysfunction around the hip and pelvis, in order to optimise and expedite patient outcomes?

Do you find yourself prescribing the same exercises for every hip & groin pain patient, regardless of their presentation?

By the end of this practical workshop be able to develop an effective, targeted hip exercise program that addresses not only the patient’s individual needs and impairments, but includes specific considerations around efficiency, nociceptive pathology and inherent morphology

Presented by: Dr Alison Grimaldi

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  • 30+ years experience
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Masters of Sports Physiotherapy
  • APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist
  • Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy in Brisbane - 18 years
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists


  • Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD), in physiotherapy, on hip region
  • 20+ years of research involvement
  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland
  • Involvement in collaborative international research projects


  • University of Queensland visiting educator for Masters Programs for > 20 years
  • Presented over 100 clinical workshops globally
  • Presented over 50 podium conference presentations
  • Founder of Hip Academy, a global platform aimed at helping more people around the world with hip pain
Hip Flexor Rehab-Dr Alison Grimaldi

4 hours of PowerPoint lessons with printable notes

Culminating in an 8 hour live practical session

3 months access to online video content


Workshop Attendee Testimonial

"Alison's course is excellent for physios of all experience. It can be done in individual modules or together which is great when travelling from interstate. The online learning component is very comprehensive and self paced, it was great to be able to stop and revise. The practical component of the course consolidates the online learning really well in a relaxed and supportive environment. I would also recommend the Hip Academy for online resources and bi monthly meetings on various topics. Thanks Alison"

Leesa Reid  Senior Physiotherapist + Exercise Physiotherapist • Victoria AU

SYNOPSIS for Mastering Movement of the Hip and Pelvis Practical Workshop

Mastering-Movement-of-the-Hip-and-Pelvis-Practical-Workshop (4)
Mastering-Movement-of-the-Hip-and-Pelvis-Practical-Workshop - Dr Alison Grimaldi

Movement patterning and muscle function around the hip and pelvis are key considerations for any lumbopelvic or lower limb problem and may even impact on upper limb function. Assessment and retraining in this region require a specific and targeted approach that should consider the multifaceted requirements for optimal function and the limitations of an individual’s musculoskeletal system. With respect to current practices around muscle testing and exercise prescription, often strength is the only consideration. While this is an important factor, normal results on strength testing may be returned from a muscle synergy within which significant dysfunction exists. If weakness is not the primary deficit, generic strengthening may worsen rather than improve the situation by reinforcing poor recruitment strategies or imbalance in the contribution of muscles within a movement synergy e.g. TFL within the abductor synergy.

In exercise literature, often maximal EMG is the sole indicator used for exercise selection. EMG levels are not reflective of force generation and high levels of EMG may simply reflect active insufficiency where the muscle is not at an optimal range to generate force efficiently. This premise also assumes that maximal recruitment is optimal for muscle retraining and musculoskeletal health. This is not supported but the current literature.


We'll also be doing some myth busting in the practical workshop. Here are 7 of my favourites:

1. You can’t go wrong in getting strong
2. The hip flexors just need a good stretch
3. More is better when it comes to glute activation
4. The exercise with highest EMG is the best exercise
5. Clams and leg lifts should be your go-to for gluteus medius training
6. You ONLY need to focus on the impairment, and
7. Pelvic position is irrelevant!

Join me for a journey through methods and myths, and come away with some great evidence-informed strategies to apply immediately in the clinic, the gym or the Pilates Studio.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES for Mastering Movement of the Hip and Pelvis Practical Workshop

This course aims to:

  • Enhance clinical reasoning, and skills for development of therapeutic exercise for the hip & pelvis
  • Challenge participants to re-examine their own clinical practiced in the light of the presented evidence base
  • Stimulate new thought & provide direction for those who may be interested in contributing to the research base that is shaping contemporary clinical practice in this field.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Perform a multifaceted assessment of muscle function for each group of synergists around the hip – hip flexors, abductors, extensors, external rotators and adductors, using standardised, objective measures
  • Determine the most appropriate exercise approach to target specific impairments, while considering individual intrinsic and extrinsic factors
  • Progress an exercise program in an appropriate and timely manner, using key markers for exercise effect and tolerance.

ONLINE THEORY for Mastering Movement of the Hip and Pelvis Practical Workshop

The theoretical component of this course is presented in an online learning format for your flexibility and optimal learning experience. This also allows us to focus on the practical aspects in our face-to-face time.

4 hours of PowerPoint lectures with printable notes.

Learn anywhere, at your own pace, in your own time.

Rewind and revise as many times as you like.

Self-assessment quiz

3 months of unlimited access to video content

The online component covers:

  • A detailed review of functional anatomy of hip and pelvic musculature
  • Changes in muscle function associated with joint pathology and unloading
  • Implications for prescription of therapeutic exercise
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PRACTICAL DAY CONTENT for Mastering Movement of the Hip and Pelvis Practical Workshop

The live practical workshops will be provided as 8 hour live sessions.

Pdf manuals and attendance certificates will be supplied for all workshop attendees.

↓ The one-day practical workshop ↓

  • Assessment of the different aspects of muscle function for each group of synergists around the hip – hip flexors, abductors, extensors, external rotators and adductors, using standardised, objective measures
  • Development of a therapeutic exercise program that addresses specific dysfunction within a muscle synergy while considering:
  1. Optimal efficiency and load-sharing within a muscle synergy and across the kinetic chain
  2. Impact on health of musculoskeletal tissues such as the underlying joint, local tendons and transiting nerves
  3. Specific needs of the individual
  4. Individual morphology or pathology
Mastering-Movement-of-the-Hip-and-Pelvis-Practical-Workshop (2)
Mastering-Movement-of-the-Hip-and-Pelvis-Practical-Workshop (3)

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