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HIP ACADEMY_Achieve hip mastery

Hip Academy

Advance your career and expertise with Dr Alison Grimaldi’s Hip Academy.

Joining fee only $445 for $970 worth of high-quality, evidence-based content!

Offering premium professional development content, the Hip Academy will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve Hip Mastery, improving patient outcomes, job satisfaction and career or business success.

HipAcademy members have unlimited access to

Dr Grimaldi’s online Hip Courses,
Detailed lecture-style videos and pdf handouts for each course

Alison’s series of 4 eBooks
Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip and Pelvis. This series teaches about the mechanobiological mechanisms, risk factors, impairments, diagnostic tests and management approaches for key tendon related conditions around the hip & pelvis.

Alison’s ever-growing video library,
Designed for physiotherapists, healthcare practitioners and exercise professionals involved in rehabilitation of hip, groin and pelvic pain or dysfunction. The video library contains short How-To videos for assessment techniques, exercise techniques and more! This serves as a quick reference library, with favouriting function for rapid access.

Also included is the license to access, download and use professional resources designed specifically for Hip Academy members, on common Hip, Groin and Pelvic conditions. These resources are available as PDF files.

Hip Academy Forum

Exclusive to HipAcademy members
Access one on one mentoring sessions with Alison. $285/hr, subject to availability

Get $970 worth of content for only $445!
Get a bulk discount when subscribing instead of paying as you go. You'll get access to all of this for only AU$445 as an initial joining fee. You'll retain ongoing access to all content, with growing video and pdf resources, for only $20/month.

  • Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis
    AU$150 for 3-months access
  • Anterior Hip & Groin Pain
    AU$165 for 3-months access
  • Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain
    AU$165 for 3-months access
  • Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip & Pelvis
    AU$95 for 3-months access
  • E-books
    AU$99 for 6-months access
  • Video Library
    AU$96 annually
  • PDF Resources exclusive to Hip Academy
    AU$200 – continuing to grow

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