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Learning Options

Health and Exercise Professionals, jumpstart your Professional Development with one of our learning options below

Do you have difficulty finding the time to keep up-to-date, committing to a whole weekend of live training, or knowing where to find high-quality evidence-based professional development? Hip Academy provides a wealth of clinical resources, that are available anytime you need them within a membership model that provides ongoing access to all hip resources. Treat hip pain with confidence and join other hip-lovers or hip-learners from all around the world.


- all online hip courses
- ebooks
- how-to video library
- downloadable pdf resource library
- bonus live zoom member meetings
- exclusive opportunity for 1:1 mentoring 

Learn at your own pace with our online education series. With detailed videos and pdf handouts, you will develop your assessment and diagnostic expertise, fast-track your rehab program and improve your treatment results and patient outcomes. Online courses purchased individually allow 3 months access to content. This might suit you best if you want to focus on a single area of study and have the time to complete the content within the 3 month window. For longer term access to all hip content, consider joining our community at Hip Academy.

Alison’s series of 4 e-books aims to provide readers with a deeper understanding of hip and pelvic tendinopathies, and guidance towards more effective clinical management based on an emerging evidence base. The ebooks are also available as a single print book to have on your desk as an easy-reference. The ebooks are also included within Hip Academy membership.

Join Alison in her well-received workshop series for a hands-on learning opportunity, where you will observe live demonstrations, undertake practical work and develop skills specific to the rehabilitation of the hip, groin and pelvis.

Current Workshops

- Mastering Movement of the Hip & Pelvis
- Anterior Hip & Groin Pain
- Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain

Dr Alison Grimaldi’s Library of how-to (& why) videos, specially designed for Physiotherapists, Musculoskeletal Healthcare Practitioners and Exercise Professionals involved in rehabilitation of hip, groin and pelvic pain or dysfunction. Easy-reference library of assessment techniques and exercises, for clinicians on the run. Available as an annual membership or as an inclusion within Hip Academy.

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