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12 Top Hip Papers

This miniblog series focuses on 12 Top Hip Papers - peer reviewed scientific papers that have contributed to our understanding of hip conditions and/or the assessment or management of hip pain or injury. Explore the 12 papers below. Click the links to read key points and clinical implications for each paper. 

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PAPER 1: The Warwick Agreement on femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI syndrome): an international consensus statement

PAPER 2: The Prevalence of Cam and Pincer Morphology and its Association with Development of Hip Osteoarthritis

PAPER 3: A Contemporary Definition of Hip Dysplasia and Structural Instability: Toward a Comprehensive Classification for Acetabular Dysplasia

PAPER 4: Gross Instability After Hip Arthroscopy: An Analysis of Case Reports Evaluating Surgical and Patient Factors

PAPER 5: Anatomy of the Iliocapsularis muscle

PAPER 6: Gluteus minimus: An intramuscular EMG investigation of anterior and posterior segments during gait

PAPER 7: Piriformis and Related Entrapment Syndromes: Diagnosis & Management

PAPER 8: Deep gluteal syndrome – Mini-symposium

PAPER 9: Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes

PAPER 10: Is compressive load a factor in the development of tendinopathy?

PAPER 11: Kinematics and kinetics during walking in individuals with gluteal tendinopathy

PAPER 12: Education plus exercise versus corticosteroid injection use versus a wait and see approach on global outcome and pain from gluteal tendinopathy: prospective, single blinded, randomised clinical trial

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