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Anterior Hip & Groin Pain | Live Online Workshop


Do you find yourself using the same management approaches for patients with hip pain, regardless of their presentation? Are you lacking a clear understanding of how morphology, loading patterns and muscle dysfunction drive anterior hip and groin pain? Do you want to learn how to address these issues to optimise and FAST-TRACK YOUR OUTCOMES?  …

Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain
Live Online Workshop
June 12-13, 2021


Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain Contemporary diagnostic & management strategies This course includes 6 hours of online learning & 6 hours of live online workshop, delivered as 2 x 3 hour group zoom sessions Synopsis Do you have a list of possible diagnoses that jump to mind when someone presents with lateral hip or buttock…

Mastering Movement of the Hip & Pelvis
Brisbane June 18th 2021

Soul Space Brisbane 23 Parker Street, Newmarket

Mastering Movement of The Hip & Pelvis Synopsis Do you have a clear understanding of when, why and how to assess and address muscle dysfunction around the hip and pelvis,…

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