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Invest in your Personal Development with one of our learning options below

We have flexible options for learning about hip pain at any stage of your career, to suit your style of learning, schedule and budget.

Pay as you go

Choose from Alison's range of courses, workshops and e-books.

Online Courses

Choose from a range of Hip, Pelvis and Groin online courses to develop your skills. With detailed videos and pdf handouts, all courses come with three months access to online material.


Get a deeper understanding of Hip and Pelvic Tendinopathies with Alison's series of 4 e-books. Can be purchased as a stand-alone eBook or a series of four e-books, both with six months access.


In-person learning experience where you will observe live demonstrations, undertake practical work and develop skills specific to the rehabilitation of the hip, groin and pelvis. Also includes 3 months access to an online learning component.

Any time access

Access to all Alison's Hip resources for as long as you're a member.

Achieve Hip Mastery with your own personal learning space

Members receive unlimited access to

  • All online hip courses
    • Dynamic stabilisation of the hip & pelvis
    • Anterior Hip & Groin Pain
    • Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain
    • Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip & Pelvis
  • Tendinopathies of the Hip and Pelvis eBook Series (4-books)
  • Video Reference Library


  • Hip Academy member forum to connect with other hip enthusiasts
  • Library of professional PDF resources for Hip, Groin and Pelvis
  • Optional extra one-on-one mentoring session with Dr Alison Grimaldi *Additional cost of $285/hr, subject to availability

Learn together

Choose from one of Alison's three hip courses

Guided learning program for teams with live online mentoring sessions

  • Reduce your team development burden by outsourcing some key learning modules
  • Allow an expert to upskill your team in the management of hip and groin pain and injury

Includes online learning

  • Modules are guided and paced and allow for completion in a timely manner
  • Three-course options available


  • Personalised live team mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Choose 1, 2 or 3 1-hour mentoring sessions over 6-8 week program

Programs can be customised to suit the needs of your team

How-to Library

Assessment or exercise techniques for hip, groin & buttock.

The ultimate how-to reference library including

  • Clinical Assessment Techniques
  • How-to videos of diagnostic tests, stability tests, tests of general function & specific muscle tests.
  • Specific exercise Techniques
  • Video & Audio instruction for exercise therapy – presented as if for the patient viewer.