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Looking for help with your hip pain?

If you have landed on my website in search of a solution to your hip pain, you’re not alone. Every day I receive emails with heartbreaking personal stories of avoidable ‘wrong turns’ in the management of hip or pelvic pain. People tell me how delays in their diagnosis or inappropriate treatment have had adverse impacts on their health, quality of life and finances, and implore me to direct them towards a health professional in their area that can help them. Well, I have some great news for you!

My colleagues, Sharon Hennessey and Kirsty McNab, and I shared a common desire to connect those in pain with high quality help. It took three years, but HipPainHelp is finally here!

We had identified an incredible amount of misinformation on the internet around hip and pelvic pain, more likely to harm than help those in need. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive and regularly-updated library of high quality, evidence-informed resources for the general public, accessible in 3 easy ways – Hip Pain Explained, our Pain Locator Map and Specific Condition Pages.

What’s more, touring the world teaching has provided me with contacts of many health professionals with an interest in the hip, but not nearly enough to provide assistance to the many in need, who are spread far and wide. HipPainHelp meets that need by providing a vital and growing global directory of ‘Hip Pain Professionals’ and a mechanism to connect those who are searching for help with Hip Pain Professionals who are able to help them.

What are you waiting for? Visit HipPainHelp now!