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Hip Academy Meetings


Meeting Topics for 2023

  • Ligamentum Teres Injury - Relevance, Recognition & Rehabilitation
  • The Power of Pelvic Tilt
  • Injectables for the Hip - Helpful or Harmful? (Focus on Corticosteroid & PRP)
  • Ask Me Anything Session
  • Annual Member Case Sharing Event

Meeting Topics for 2022

  • Exploring hip MRI
  • Rehabilitation considerations for hip arthroscopy
  • Prehab & rehab following total hip arthroplasty
  • The Hip & Pelvic Floor - Recognising & co-managing dysfunction
  • Annual Member Case Sharing Event

Meetings Topics for 2021:

  • Welcome & Dashboard Tour
  • Deciphering Hip X Rays
  • Preventing & Managing Gluteal Overactivity - Helping 'Hip Grippers'
  • Lumbar vs Local - Tips for Differential Diagnosis of Buttock Pain
  • Annual Member Case Sharing Event

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