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Join the global community of Hip Pain Professionals

‘Hip Pain Professionals’ includes university qualified health professionals that are involved in care of those with hip, pelvic and groin pain, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors of various specialities, exercise physiologists and others. The Hip Pain Professional community can be accessed by the general public via the website.

This website was developed to assist those with hip, pelvic and groin pain in 2 main ways:

Provide high quality information for the general public (There is so much misinformation on the internet, some of it potentially harmful)

Provide a global directory of health professionals with a special interest in management of hip and pelvic pain

I receive a high volume of emails from patients, not only in Australia, but all over the world, in search of high quality health professionals for management of their hip or pelvic pain. So many of them have saddening stories about delayed or misdiagnosis and non-evidenced based treatments that have resulted in poor outcomes. These people are looking for health professionals like you who engage in ongoing professional development and strive to provide optimal, evidence-informed management.

There are many additional benefits for you and your business. Read more about the membership plan here.