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Anterior Hip and Groin Pain Practical Workshops for physiotherapists and other health professionals involved with the management of anterior hip and groin pain

Do you find yourself using the same management approaches for patients with hip pain, regardless of their presentation?

Do you have a clear understanding of how morphology, loading patterns and muscle dysfunction may be driving anterior hip and groin pain?

Would you like to learn how to address these issues to optimise and FAST-TRACK YOUR OUTCOMES?

Hip Joint Assessment by Dr Alison Grimaldi

Upskill in practical applications of assessment and management of joint, tendon and nerve related anterior hip and groin pain, with Dr. Alison Grimaldi, physiotherapist, researcher and educator

Presented by: Dr Alison Grimaldi

Dr Alison Grimaldi Profile Picture - 450 x 525


  • 30+ years experience
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Masters of Sports Physiotherapy
  • APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist
  • Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy in Brisbane - 18 years
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists


  • Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD), in physiotherapy, on hip region
  • 20+ years of research involvement
  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland
  • Involvement in collaborative international research projects


  • University of Queensland visiting educator for Masters Programs for > 20 years
  • Presented over 100 clinical workshops globally
  • Presented over 50 podium conference presentations
  • Founder of Hip Academy, a global platform aimed at helping more people around the world with hip pain
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5 hours of PowerPoint lessons with printable notes

8 hours of live practical workshop

3 months access to online video content


Workshop Attendee Testimonial

"Alison Grimaldi's Hip courses are excellent.  I was fortunate enough to be able to do all 3 days and it was certainly worthwhile. I was able to get a comprehensive overview of assessment, treatment and management of a variety of hip conditions.  There is up to 16 hours of online learning prior to the 3 day course, which covers a lot of the theory and latest research.  This helps to build knowledge and prepare for the face to face learning.  Alison is an excellent presenter.  She is knowledgeable, approachable, funny, has access to the latest research, yet the course is so very hands on and practical, with lots of ideas for rehabilitation and progression of exercises. I really feel so much better equipped to assess and treat hips in a manner that is up to date with the latest research and of best practice after doing Alison's course."

Meagan Kelly • OsteoArthritis Chronic Care Co-ordinator • Coffs Harbour AU

SYNOPSIS for Anterior Hip & Groin Pain Practical Workshop

Anterior-Hip-and-Groin-Pain-Practical-Workshop (2)
Anterior-Hip-and-Groin-Pain-Practical-Workshop (5)

An exploration of the available anterior hip and groin pain literature reveals a minefield of inconsistent diagnostic labels and a high volume of imaging and surgical papers describing a myriad of pathologies which may or may not be associated with a patient’s presenting signs and symptoms.

In recent years there have been some positive advances in defining clinical entities and diagnostic processes. Yet there is a persistent lack of clarity and evidence around best management. This may be related to undue focus on remediating a particular structural pathology or physical impairment, without adequate consideration of mechanisms or drivers of pain and load intolerance.

Within the contemporary biopsychosocial model, health professionals acknowledge that patients may present with varying combinations of psychological and physical overload. While the psychosocial components of management are of high importance, these will not be addressed in detail within this forum, but much education is widely available on this topic. The primary focus will be on understanding and addressing mechanisms of physical overload and impairments associated with anterior hip and groin pain.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES for Anterior Hip and Groin Pain Practical Workshop

This course aims to:

  • Enhance clinical reasoning, and skills for assessment of nociceptive sources, clinical entities and drivers associated with anterior hip and groin pain
  • Provide a framework for development of optimally effective, targeted interventions for each individual that considers
    1. Morphological variants and implications for load management advice, exercise therapy and manual therapy
    2. Adverse joint or soft tissue loading associated with kinematics and neuromotor function
    3. Individual goals and functional demands
  • Provide opportunity to practice some useful manual therapy and nerve mobilisation techniques

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Perform diagnostic tests for anterior hip and groin pain and use that information for differential diagnosis of the most likely source of nociception or a primary clinical entity
  • Perform tests that aim to elicit important information regarding potential contributors or drivers of the presenting condition, such as:
    1. bony morphology
    2. joint range-of-motion & stability
    3. neurodynamics
    4. posture and key movement patterns
  • Determine the most appropriate management approach for an individual’s presenting condition using:
    1. Key information from the patient interview and physical examination
    2. Treatment direction tests
    3. Clinical reasoning
    4. Load management strategies
    5. Exercise therapy
    6. Manual therapy and nerve mobilisations as appropriate

ONLINE THEORY for Anterior Hip and Groin Pain Practical Workshop

The substantial theoretical component of this course is presented in an online learning format for your flexibility and optimal learning experience.

5 hours of PowerPoint lectures with printable notes.

Learn anywhere, at your own pace, in your own time.

Rewind and revise as many times as you like.

Self-assessment quiz

3 months of unlimited access to video content

The online component aims to:

  • Clarify definitions of anterior hip and groin pain
  • Explore factors which may influence intra-articular hip joint loads
    1. morphological variants (eg., FAI, acetabular dysplasia, femoral version, capsulo-labral deficits)
    2. adverse joint loading associated with kinematics and neuromotor function
    3. the adequacy of joint protection mechanisms
  • Explore factors which may influence extra-articular loads in the anterior hip region
    1. morphological variants (eg. AIIS/Subspine Impingement)
    2. adverse soft tissue loading associated with kinematics and neuromotor function (focus on hip flexors)
  • Provide an overview of key load management and therapeutic exercise strategies for anterior hip pain, particular to the patient presentation and associated difficulties with mechanical load transfer
  • Provide an update on groin pain clinical entities and where the literature sits with regard to prevention and management
Anterior Hip Workshop Demonstration_Dr Alison Grimaldi

PRACTICAL DAY CONTENT for Anterior Hip & Groin Pain Practical Workshop

The live practical workshops will be provided as 8 hour live sessions.

Pdf manuals and attendance certificates will be supplied for all workshop attendees.

↓ The one-day practical workshop will include: ↓

Diagnostic, pain provocation tests for intra and extra-articular sources of nociception

  • Assessment of bony morphology, joint stability and neurodynamics
  • Assessment of posture and key movement patterns for specific pain ans load intolerance presentations
  • Examples of treatment direction tests (passive and active) and clinical reasoning strategies to determine best approach for reducing pain and improving load tolerance for the patient’s specific presentation

Practical management strategies

  • Manual therapy – useful techniques for specific range gaining and improving painfree range of motion will be demonstrated
  • Learn some novel and effective nerve mobilisation exercises for the anterior hip region

A primary focus will be load management advice and key exercise strategies for specific presentations related to a wide range of hip conditions:

  • Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAIS) and extra-articular impingement (AIIS impingement, subspine impingement)
  • Anterior hip instability associated with acetabular dysplasia and/or capsuloligamentous deficiency (hypermobility/EDS, trauma, iatrogenic)
  • Anterior hip pain associated with femoral malversion (excessive femoral anteversion or femoral retroversion
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Hip flexor related pain, iliopsoas tendinopathy/iliopsoas bursitis, anterior snapping hip
  • Groin pain with focus on adductor related groin pain
  • Nerve related anterior hip pain
Anterior-Hip-and-Groin-Pain-Practical-Workshop (4)
Anterior-Hip-and-Groin-Pain-Practical-Workshop (3)

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