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A Year in Review 2022

Looking back at 2022 at & more to come for 2023

Thanks to everyone who has visited my site over 2022, and special thanks to those who have sought to advance their hip knowledge through Hip Academy memberships or undertaking workshops or online courses. It has been wonderful interacting with you all over 2022, and I'll look forward to sharing more with you in 2023. Below you can find some highlights of the year at and some of the most popular free resources - check out what you might have missed over the year.

Some things that I would love to share with you before 2022 comes to an end include:

  • Top 3 Dr Alison Grimaldi blogs of 2022
  • The 12 HIP Days of Christmas returns! This year I share 12 Top Hip Papers published in 2022
  • A special Christmas invitation for those who are interested in joining Hip Academy
  • A celebration of Hip Academy's 2nd Birthday! And how it has grown over the past year.
  • 2022 workshops and the upcoming events I have in-store for you in 2023!
  • Talking Hips with Dr Ali topics we've covered in 2022
  • & my challenging but ever-so popular Hip Quiz on Instagram!

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Top 3 Dr Alison Grimaldi Blogs of 2022

This year I've continued to share my info-packed monthly blogs with you! I spend a lot of time finding the latest evidence and arranging and curating the content so it is maximally helpful for clinicians - I hope you've found these helpful. Below you'll find some snippets of the 3 most popular blogs on the DrAli site for 2022.

Modifying Deadlifts for Hip Pain

The most popular blog of 2022 was: Modifying Deadlifts for Hip Pain. This blog sought to examine why deadlifts can pose an issue for various hip conditions and what can be done to make them more hip-friendly.

Click Here to Read this Blog

Modifying Leg Press for Hip Pain

Second place of our top 3 blogs of 2022 goes to: Modifying Leg Press for Hip Pain. The focus for this blog was to examine why the Leg Press can pose a problem for various hip conditions and what can be done to avoid aggravation of hip pain.

Click Here to Read the Blog

Flick the flap after total hip replacement

And the 3rd blog to make our Top 3 list of 2022 is: Flick the Flap after Total Hip Replacement. This blog discussed flicking the long standing, low-value components of traditional programs, and instead look at other safer and more effective high-value options.

Click Here to Read this Blog

12  HIP  Days of Christmas Returns for 2022

Banner for 2022 Xmas-5
12 Top-2

Over the last couple of years, I've run a 12 Hip Days of Christmas mini-series. In 2020 I shared 12 key hip tips. Last year I shared key information from 12 of my favourite scientific hip papers spanning the years. This year, I will be highlighting 12 key hip papers that have been published over the year, to help you keep up to date with what's happened in the hip world over 2022. These are papers that have contributed to our understanding of hip conditions and/or the assessment or management of hip, groin or buttock pain. 

These mini-blogs will be contain a specially prepared infographic and key learnings for each paper . These papers are must-reads!! So mark your calendars and join me over the 12 Hip Days of Christmas for 2022.

This Series Begins on the 13th of December

+ I have prepared an EXCLUSIVE gift - find it in the blogs, but only during the 12 Hip Days of Christmas.

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How Time Flies - Happy 2nd Birthday Hip Academy!

Banner for 2022 Xmas-6

It's now been 2 years since I launched Hip Academy, and I am so honoured to have brought together such a diverse group of Health & Exercise professionals from around the world. The Hip Academy community as shown in the above map consists of physios/physical therapists and other health & exercise professionals from all parts of the globe, who come together with one aim: Better understanding and treating those with hip conditions.

I would like to thank each and every member that has made this journey so wonderful. I hope that by being a Hip Academy member, you have reaped the many benefits. Our live member sessions have been very engaging for our members, and have given them an opportunity to hear exclusive new lecture content and discuss many different topics with me and the other members.

Our members have a broad range of experience, ranging from early career professionals to many with high levels of skill and experience themselves. This makes it a fantastic opportunity for members to engage in really insightful conversations about hot hip topics and benefit from ideas from other members in our popular Member Case Presentation meetings.

Thank you to all the members who attended and contributed to these meetings. All meetings are recorded, so members can also review past lectures/meetings at any time, even if they are unable to make the live events. I have many more live member sessions planned for 2023, so I'll look forward to seeing members next year!

I have also continued to build the resource library for Hip Academy members

Below I have provided a breakdown of some of the Hip Academy highlights of 2022. You can also find some of the lovely feedback I have received from our members.


Workshop & Lecture Events

2022 Online & Brisbane Hip Workshops

In 2022, I was able to run our Brisbane Practical Workshops again, despite ongoing Covid related issues. These were a great chance to get together and learn about the hip in a face-to-face environment. I also held online workshops, were we had people from all around the world join in.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Brisbane practical workshops and the Live Online Workshops. I would like to especially thanks those who travelled from interstate for my Brisbane workshops, and those who joined us from around the world for my online workshops. It was also great to meet some Hip Academy members in person as well.


2023 Brisbane, International & Online Hip Workshops

In 2023 workshops continue. I will also be doing practical workshops in Brisbane again, and finally I will be returning to an international teaching schedule! I will be visiting Canada and New York in May 2023, and the UK & Europe in September-October. Make sure you are on my mailing list to get updates on dates, locations and where to book.

For those who are unable to attend a practical workshop, I will also be running my popular live online workshops again for Assessment & Management of Anterior Hip & Groin Pain, and Assessment & Management of Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain.

You can find the confirmed dates so far for scheduled workshops below:

Talking Hips Series

December Wrap-up blog

In 2022, I introduced my newest free resource, the Talking Hips with Dr. Ali series. Every week I have been posting a new video on a wide scope of topics relating to the Hip! These videos contain info-bytes and top hip tips and I let you know where you can find further information on these topics within my free blog series.

We have had over 40 episodes released so far this year! and the feedback has been amazing. You can find these episodes on my Instagram, or on the Talking Hips webpage. Check them out and let me know your thoughts. This will be an ongoing series, with many more episodes waiting to be released, so follow me on social media, bookmark the Talkin Hips page, or join my mailing list to keep track of new episodes.

Dr. Ali Hip Quiz

Have you checked out the Dr. Ali Hip Quiz on Instagram?

Every Wednesday I post a new Hip Quiz on my Instagram Stories. These quizzes a great opportunity for you to challenge yourself, and check your knowledge around the hip.

These quizzes are interactive and let you engage by selecting which choice you believe is correct. Answered it wrong? Don't worry, the next slide provides the correct answer and some more details about the topic in question.

Hope to see you on Instagram!

December Wrap-up blog
Alison Christmas Message

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Dr Alison Grimaldi is a physiotherapist, researcher and educator with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and a PhD, with her doctorate topic in the hip region. Dr Grimaldi is Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy in Brisbane and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. She runs a global Hip Academy and has presented over 100 workshops around the world.