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Groin Pain Management Courses

Enhance your patient outcomes with Dr Alison Grimaldi's groin pain management course and other resources.

Groin pain is one of the most impactful musculoskeletal injuries in athletes, particularly sports involving high speed running and change-of-direction.  Impact on performance, loss of training and competition time and recurrence rates are high. Many groin pain management programs involve a very narrow focus on adductor muscle strengthening for adductor-related groin pain, and hip flexor stretching for iliopsoas-related groin pain. The evidence suggests that the search for underlying impairments and targets for rehabilitation should be much broader. In fact, some of the more traditional approaches are often provocative for groin pain. On this site you will discover a more contemporary and effective approach to groin pain management, in the Anterior Hip & Groin Pain online course, the Adductor and Iliopsoas Related Groin Pain ebook and the invaluable 'How-To' video library.


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Groin Pain Online Course: Anterior Hip & Groin Pain

Groin pain is common across a broad spectrum of ages and activity levels, with optimally effective management varying significantly depending on the underlying mechanisms and patient's needs. The Anterior Hip & Groin Pain course provides a detailed examination of sources of nociception, mechanisms of physical overload (morphology, movement, muscle) and impairments associated with anterior hip and groin pain. This provides the basis for selecting the most appropriate diagnostic tests and management strategies within a clinical reasoning model. This course includes joint related-pain & bony impingement (intra & extra-articular), soft tissue-related pain and nerve-related pain. Within the soft tissue-related pain module, specific assessment techniques and adductor and iliopsoas-related groin pain management are examined. This course also provides detailed information on mechanisms, assessment and management of hip-related groin pain.

Groin Pain eBook: Iliopsoas & Adductor Related Groin Pain

The two most common groin pain entities are adductor-related groin pain and iliopsoas-related groin pain. Book 4 of the ebook series on this site - Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip & Pelvis - explores these two common but often problematic clinical presentations of groin pain. The adductor and iliopsoas tendons play a key role in these clinical entities, either as a pain source or a mechanism by which forces transferred by the tendon to adjacent structures results in pain or injury.  This ebook takes a close look at pathoaetiological mechanisms, impairments, differential diagnosis and management strategies for groin pain.

Video Library: Diagnostic Tests & Exercises for Groin Pain

The Dr Alison Grimaldi Video Library provides a how-to video reference library that includes diagnostic assessment techniques and exercises for management of adductor, iliopsoas, pubic and hip-related groin pain. The Dr Alison Grimaldi Video Library has been designed especially for Physiotherapists, Musculoskeletal Healthcare Practitioners and Exercise Professionals involved in rehabilitation of hip, groin and pelvic pain or dysfunction.

Hip Academy Membership - Master Groin Pain Management

For those who want to master the management of hip and groin pain, Dr Alison Grimaldi's Hip Academy provides access to all the online hip and groin pain management courses, the complete ebook series, the video reference library of clinical assessment techniques and exercises, a growing library of pdf clinical resources (diagnostic test cheat sheets, ultrasound technique, key condition information), a private forum and bonus live group mentoring events. Grow your expertise and confidence in the management of groin pain.

Dr Alison Grimaldi - An Expert in Groin Pain Management

With over 30 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and buttock pain, Dr Alison Grimaldi is Principal Physiotherapist at Physiotec Physiotherapy in Brisbane and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. She is also an experienced, global educator who has run over 100 clinical workshops and presented over 50 keynote, invited or podium conference presentations.

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