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Online Hip Pain Management Courses

Enhance your proficiency, confidence and patient outcomes with the wealth of clinically applicable information provided by my online hip pain management courses.

Within the hip pain management online courses available at, I have brought together large bodies of evidence and using my background as a physiotherapist of 30 years, researcher and educator, presented the information in immediately applicable form for clinicians.

The 'so-what' factor is often not readily apparent in research papers, and there is much that researchers have yet to explore. Where there is no high-quality scientific evidence available to guide our practice on specific topics, I have presented clinically plausible solutions based on the wider evidence base and my own broad clinical experience.

The hip and pelvis is my clinical, research, and teaching passion, and I hope that I can share some of this with you throughout these hip pain management online courses.

Online Hip Pain Management Courses

Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis

This course reviews available literature on musculature of the hip, and draws on the PhD research and 30 years of clinical experience of Dr Alison Grimaldi to bring to you the evidence base and clinical implications for assessment and rehabilitation strategies for Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis.

Anterior Hip & Groin Pain

The Anterior Hip & Groin Pain course provides a detailed examination of mechanisms of physical overload (morphology, movement, muscle) and impairments associated with anterior hip and groin pain, clinical diagnostic tests and management approaches. This course includes joint related-pain & bony impingement (intra & extra-articular), soft tissue-related pain and nerve-related pain.

Lateral Hip & Buttock Pain

Lateral hip and particularly buttock pain can often present diagnostic dilemmas and management challenges. This course examines the various joint-related, soft tissue-related and nerve-related conditions associated with lateral hip and buttock pain, their mechanisms, clinical diagnostic tests and management approaches.

Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip & Pelvis

The information presented in this course is based on both an emerging evidence base derived from scientific studies on structure and mechanobiological mechanisms, risk factors, impairments and the available information on effects of intervention, and Dr Grimaldi's 30 years of clinical experience. This course addresses gluteal tendinopathy, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, and iliopsoas and adductor related pain.

Hip Academy

For those who want to master the management of hip and pelvic pain, Dr Alison Grimaldi's Hip Academy provides access to all the online hip pain management courses, the complete ebook series, the video reference library of clinical assessment techniques and exercises, a growing library of pdf clinical resources (diagnostic test cheat sheets, ultrasound technique, key condition information), a private forum and bonus live group mentoring events.

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