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Iliopsoas & Adductor Related Groin Pain

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The available scientific evidence and 25 years of clinical experience are combined to provide clinically relevant and detailed information for assessment and management of Iliopsoas and Adductor Related Groin Pain.

Includes: 88 pages, 139 references, 29 figures & dozens of education and exercise photos, 2 tables including detailed exercise specifics and progression table.

eBook & videos available to view-only for a 6-month access period


Book 4 of this series explores two common groin pain clinical entities, adductor-related and iliopsoas-related groin pain. The adductor and iliopsoas tendons play a key role in these clinical entities, either as a pain source or a mechanism by which forces transferred by the tendon to adjacent structures results in pain or injury.

A review of impact and prevalence, clinical presentation and local anatomy prepares the reader for the detailed analysis in the following chapters. Data available for pathology, pathoaetiology, impairments and diagnostic utility of clinical tests will be examined.

Book Contents

  1. Impact and Prevalence
  2. Clinical Presentation
  3. Review of Local Anatomy
  4. Pathology & Terminology
  5. Patho-Aetiology
  6. Impairments
  7. Diagnosis
  8. Management
  9. Conclusion
  10. Reference List

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