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Greater Trochanteric Pain – Gluteal Tendinopathy & Associated Pathologies

AUD $45.00

eBook two of this series builds on the understanding of mechanobiological mechanisms associated with tendinopathy and explores specific research findings for gluteal tendinopathy and the clinical implications for assessment and management of this common condition.

Includes: 56 pages, 71 references, 22 figures & dozens of education and exercise photos. Six month access period


A review of the local anatomy and patho-anatomy lays the groundwork for the proposed pathoaetiological model that underpins the assessment and management strategies presented. A firm evidence base from the available scientific literature is combined with over 25 years of clinical experience to provide clinically relevant and readily applicable information to enhance clinical outcomes.

Book Contents

  1. Impact and Prevalence
  2. Clinical Presentation
  3. Review of Local Anatomy
  4. Pathology & Terminology
  5. Patho-Aetiology
  6. Impairments
  7. Diagnosis
  8. Management
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. Reference List

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