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A Year in Review-10

2021 at & more to come for 2022

Thanks to all of those who have joined me in some way over 2021 in my ongoing journey of hip discovery and sharing. As the years pass, my passion for this area doesn't wane, continuing to be stimulated by interaction with my patients, my staff and students and by the growing body of research being produced in this area. These are exciting times for hip-loving health professionals. There are so many high-quality studies in progress, that there is much to look forward to in the coming years.

This year I have continued with my monthly blog writing - hope you've found these helpful. Below you will find snippets of the 3 most popular blogs on the site for 2021. Although 2021 is drawing to a close, I still have a few more things to share:

  • The 12 HIP days of Christmas returns! Infographics & key learnings from 12 cracker hip papers
  • A special Christmas invitation for those who are interested in joining Hip Academy
  • Happy Birthday Hip Academy! Now 1 year on and what a wonderful experience it has been!
  • Hip events for 2021 and upcoming for 2022
  • Something new for 2022 - Talking Hips with Dr Ali.

Top 3 Blogs of 2021

2021 Blog Thumbnails Featured Images-4

The most popular blog of 2021 was: 3 Pilates Exercises to Avoid (or Reconsider) for Hip Pain. This blog sought to examine 3 exercises which may need to be reconsidered when it comes to hip pain, and the relevant adjustments to make to these exercises.

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modifying the rfess (2)

Second place of our top 3 blogs of 2021 goes to: Differential Diagnosis of Anterior Hip Pain – Joint. The focus for this blog was on recognising presentations of hip joint related anterior hip pain within a differential diagnosis.

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modifying the rfess

And the 3rd blog to make our Top 3 list of 2021 is: Sacroiliac Joint Related Pain. This blog examined pain associated with the sacroiliac joint, exploring the evidence, forces acting on the SIJ, clinical implications and my own personal journey.

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The 12  HIP  Days of Christmas is Back Again This Year!

A Year in Review-11

Last year I posted 12 hip tips in the 12 days leading up to Christmas - one mini-blog for each day. This year I have prepared another 12 mini-blogs for the 12 Hip Days of Christmas - just visit the blogpage each day from the 13th December. For this series I have selected 12 papers that have contributed strongly to our understanding of hip conditions and/or the assessment or management of hip pain or injury.

There will be a specially prepared infographic and key learnings for each paper . These papers are absolute crackers!!

Happy 1st Birthday - Hip Academy is 1 year old!

A Year in Review-35

I am so honoured to have brought together such an amazing community of health and exercise professionals from all over the globe. The map above highlights where our Hip Academy members are located - it is awesome to see where you all come from!

Launching in December of 2021, Hip Academy has seen substantial growth over the past year. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member for being part of the Hip Academy journey, and I hope you have reaped the many benefits of being a Hip Academy Member. It has been wonderful to meet and chat in our live sessions and everyone found the recent case study presentations by members to be invaluable. Thanks to all those who contributed. We'll have another of these sessions next year, so start keeping an eye out for interesting cases.

Below you can find a breakdown of some of the Hip Academy highlights of 2021.

What some of our members have said about their experiences in Hip Academy.

Workshop & Lecture Events

A strong Global Community-3
A strong Global Community-6

2021 Live & Online Hip Workshops

Due to Covid, I had to find an alternative to practical workshops, and so I launched online workshops. These workshops took the same form as practical workshops, but instead of being in a room together, everyone met on Zoom. These workshops were a great success, and the feedback from everyone who attended has been amazing.

During the year, I also held online international workshops and lectures with groups joining in from Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Canada and Korea. Even with Covid, we managed to get together, and it was great to be able to still have interactive teaching sessions with health and exercise professionals from all over the world. It would have been very difficult to visit all these places in one year, so there has been a silver lining there.

We were thankful enough to be able to hold 1 practical workshop in Brisbane, Australia this year. This workshop was a great opportunity for us to come together in a rarer face-to-face teaching environment. Hope to see some of you at next year's courses.

2022 Live & Online Hip Workshops

In 2022 workshops continue, and I have several online workshops planned. I will also be doing live workshops in Brisbane, for those who are able to attend a practical workshop.

You can find the dates for scheduled workshops below:

Something new for 2022 ...

December Wrap-up blog (550 x 300 px) (300 x 300 px)


In 2022 I will be presenting a new series called 'Talking Hips with Dr Ali' on instagram.

Every week I will post a video on a wide scope of topics relating to the Hip! These videos will contain info-bytes and top hip tips and I'll let you know where you can find further information on these topics within my free blog series.

I hope you'll join me as I talk hips in this new series, premiering on the 11th of January, 2022.

You will be able to  find this series directly on my Instagram account, or on my website under Free Resources -> Talking Hips (launching January 2022).

To follow me on Instagram: Click Here

A Year in Review-22

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Dr Alison Grimaldi is a physiotherapist, researcher and educator with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and a PhD, with her doctorate topic in the hip region. Dr Grimaldi is Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy in Brisbane and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. She runs a global Hip Academy and has presented over 100 workshops around the world.