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Book 1: Mechanobiological mechanisms and implications for understanding aetiology and management of tendinopathy

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This first book dives deep into the mechanobiological mechanisms associated with tendinopathy. First, an understanding of basic tendon structure is required before introducing the molecules that maintain homeostasis and exploring the influence of cytokines and mechanical loading. With this knowledge in hand, aetiological models of tendinopathy, stages of tendinopathy, pain mechanisms and other factors that may predispose to tendinopathy are considered. An understanding of proposed mechanobiological mechanisms underlying the development of tendinopathy underpins the development of appropriate management strategies that will be discussed for each region in subsequent books.

Includes: 36 pages, 61 references, 8 figures & 3 tables.

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Book Contents

  1. Basic Tendon Structure
  2. Molecules Maintaining Homeostasis
  3. The Influence of Mechanical Loading
  4. The Role of Inflammation
  5. Models of Tendinopathy
  6. The Pain of Tendinopathy
  7. Other Risk Factors
    Summary & Conclusion
    Reference List